While reading does your child:

1. Skip words or lines, lose his/her place, re-read lines?

2. Use his/her finger or a ruler as a marker?

3. Not notice the full stops and commas?

4. Read slowly, hesitantly or word by word?

5. Become fidgety, restless or easily distracted?

6. Have difficulty with comprehension?

Does your child:

7. Avoid reading whenever possible?

8. Avoid writing tasks?

9. Find spelling difficult?

10. Daydream in class?

11. Seem hyperactive or easily distracted in class?

12. Lose his/her place when copying from the board or a book?

13. Make errors while copying from the board or a book?


Please ask your child:

14. When reading do words ever look blurry or fuzzy?

15. Is reading hard because words double, move or look funny?

16. Do you blink, squint or open eyes wider to help see the words better?

17. Does s/he confuse the letters - b /d , p/q, i/I or o/c/a ?

18. Does s/he confuse the words - was/saw, on/no, for/of/from, the/and?

19. Does s/he confuse or transpose numbers e.g. 27 = 72?

EYE STRAIN / FATIGUE - While reading does your child:

While reading does your child:

20. Complain of eye strain?

21. Say his/her eyes hurt, burn, itch, water, feel dry, feel sleepy?

22. Rub his/her eyes?

23. Move closer to or further away from the page?

24. Read from an awkward angle, tilt his/her head or close one eye?

25. Does your child complain of headaches at the end of the school day?

26. Does your child feel exhausted or lack energy after school?


Does your child:

27. Lose his/her place when copying from the board, a book, the computer?

28. Make errors while copying from the board, a book, the computer?

PHOTOPHOBIA (Light Sensitivity)

Does your child:

29. Prefer to read in dull light or in a darker part of the room?

30. Shade the page when reading?

31. Find computer screens, white boards, Smart Boards, IPAD, Tablet screens bright or glary?

32. Squint when outside, complain about the light, like to wear a hat?


Does your child:

33. Seem clumsy?

34. Trip on stairs, knock into furniture, spill drinks?

35. Have difficulty catching a tennis ball on the full?

36. Veer into you when walking beside you?

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